July 15th
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❝ Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you ❞
— 10 word story (via sleep-twerking)
July 10th
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July 3rd
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❝ How do you get so empty? Who takes it out of you? ❞
— Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 (via hrsvt)
June 30th
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❝ We are homesick most for the places we have never known. ❞
Carson McCullers (via feellng)
June 29th
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Ma Qaddarallah Khair -

Apa yg Allah takdirkan itu baik belaka.

— (via lovemebunga)
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❝ Why are you sad?”
“Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you with feelings. ❞
Anna Karina (Pierrot Le Fou)
March 5th
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and little girls with selfish hearts
destroy the souls of broken boys
that were just looking 
for a hand to hold